How do I get started? which workout do I do on which day?
Posted by Stephanie H on 23 October 2015 06:25 PM

Login to the members website
Click 'HomeWorkoutRevolution – Beginner Program'
There is a PDF for how to follow the 4-week beginner program and follow-along videos.

If you would like to skip the beginner program and go straight to the 12-week program:
-From the main dashboard, click 'HomeWorkoutRevolution – 12-Week Workout Program'
-then select the '12-Week Workout Program' (middle PDF)
-In the PDF it will tell you which workout to do each day.
(For example, Day 1: 20/10 Workout # 1—The 12-Minute Bodyweight Workout)
-Then you can find the corresponding workout video on the members site.
(that particular workout would be found here 'HomeWorkoutRevolution – 20/10 Workouts' )