Knowledgebase: 6 Minutes to Skinny
One guide says to train for 4 days a week then rest for 3. But the 8-week calendar actually shows 5 days per week that you train and off for 2 days. Which is right?
Posted by Stephanie H on 02 December 2015 08:03 PM

You have the option of doing:

train 4 days, rest 3 days

or, train 5 days, rest 2 days

Many people find the 5 days, rest 2 days works better for them because they workout in the morning before going to work Monday to Friday and then can spend the weekend doing what they like. This way they also don't have to keep track of which days are workout days and which aren't.

It is up to you as to what would work better with your schedule. Both options will give you results.