I just downloaded the Eat More Burn More e-book and have a question: I see in the Frittata recipe it calls for 4 eggs and 8 egg whites...what do I do with the 8 yolks? Seems like a waste of food and money. Mark Beck
Posted by Kerri -- ETR Customer Support on 22 March 2016 04:45 PM

Yes, it is a waste. To tell you the truth, getting rid of egg yolks to lose weight is a detail AND also controversial still (scientific community has not really reached a consensus). So basically, you don't have to. I tried to limit the amount of saturated fat in my EMBM recipes, just to place readers in the best conditions to actually lose weight (that's the goal, right?).

 Now, for what to do WITH the egg yolks, well, I don't have much of an answer, I'm afraid. If you choose to leave them out for weight loss and overall good health (and I think we should), than the yolks go in the trash. As much as I dislike wasting food! (Trust me, my kids hate me for being a stickler on that!).