What are the serving sizes for the Eat More Burn More recipes?
Posted by Stephanie H on 09 March 2015 08:04 PM

The portions vary by recipe. While the smoothies are intended to be just for one, some of the omelet recipes will make two. Many of the Lunch and Dinner Recipes are the same way.

The best way to tell is in the preparation - for example if it says something about cooking half for one and the other half for another the chances are that the portions are two for that recipe.

The great thing about Eat More Burn More is that it's flexible and designed to give you the right types of foods to fill up on. So if you're still hungry you can eat a little bit more or if you are full before it's all gone, then make sure to stop eating.

We are trying to focus on eating the right foods and less concerned with the amount of food.