Knowledgebase : Metabolic Kick-Starter
Do the Trouble Spot workouts as an add-on at the end of your regular workouts in the Metabolic Kick-Starter series.
Great question. You can combine TT 2.0 with Metabolic Kickstarter, here's how: On two non-TT days, you can do the Metabolic Kickstarter sessions. Or you can add a 4-min or 6-minute Kickstarter Specialization Circuit to the end of a TT workout. That's ...
With Metabolic Kick-Starter, you will be burning your calories that could last 24 to 48 hours after your workout depending on the intensity of the workout. It's all about how much turbulence or how much stimulus you put on your body during training.
There are 5 workouts a week (Days 1-5) and 2 rest days on Day 6 & 7. There are no workouts on Day 6 & 7, please do 20-30 minutes of light activity.
You can do the entire 5-week program once more. When you are done a 2nd round, then it's time to move on to a new exercise program for variety and continued results. If you like the Metabolic Kick-Starter program, then you'll love our 6-Minutes to Ski...
The Metabolic Kick-Starter program is for both men and women. Many of our customers are women and all of our previous workout videos have men in them, so we did these videos with women to reach a wider range. They will work for men too.
Set one big goal that you want to achieve with the program and then you want to set process goals that will help you achieve the big goal.